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Take your place at the table for Craps, one of the most popular table games of all time!
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Microgaming Craps

The dice game of Craps is still a major attraction at land-based casinos in the U.S. however it remains somewhat of a minority sport in the online world. One of the few software developers to maintain an online Craps game amongst its table game titles is the mighty Microgaming. Whilst it’s not as easy to find a Craps table in the lobby at the best online casinos these days, chances are that, if it’s there, it’ll be this Microgaming version.

Craps betting does have a reputation for being a little more complicated to understand for newbies, partly due to the rather busy layout found on this classic table game. The real-world tables are rather large too, so Microgaming has done a good job of making it all work on a desktop PC browser.

The fact this is a Flash only game, and the rather plain user interface it sports does betray this is somewhat of a legacy game in the Microgaming catalogue and the use of Flash also means getting this working in most mobile device browsers isn’t going to happen!

In terms of the actual gameplay, you’ll find all the traditional bet options at your finger (mouse?) tips and the user interface does make it pretty easy to put together whatever bet combinations you favour.

The somewhat dated nature of this specific version is very apparent with the sound and animation, with the dice rolls rather lacking in the authentic feel of shooting dice down a real table but it does the job. A few years back we probably would have been delighted with the presentation, but judged from what’s possible with today’s technology this does feel rather long-in-the-tooth.


With so few options for Craps players out there, it would be churlish to knock this Microgaming version too hard for being a little out-dated in its presentation. The core betting buzz of playing Craps is possible from this software, and with the game itself being quite a niche pursuit at online casinos we can perhaps forgive Microgaming for not giving this version a makeover to reflect developments in the design and underlying tech that’s applied to latest releases.

Maybe Craps just works better in real-world casino environments, but if you still like the idea of chucking some virtual dice at an online casino then this Microgaming table could be of interest.

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