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Take your place at the table for Ultimate Texas Hold’em, one of the most popular table games of all time!
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Ultimate Texas Holdem Review

Ultimate Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em Poker has taken the poker world by storm in recent years, and is now pretty much the de facto five-card poker game that people are referring to when they talk about ‘playing poker’. That original game is a tournament poker, but casino variants played against the Dealer, rather than a table of other players, are fast becoming popular choices at online casinos too, overtaking more traditional casino pokers such as Caribbean Stud in the process.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is from the mighty SG Digital so comes with an expectation of offering a quality way to play . . . let’s find out shall we?

The presentation is a traditional casino card table, with a custom layout suitable for this game and a point-of-view for the player of sitting in the central seat. The bright blue baize is certainly striking, but we’re suckers for more moody colours ourselves so would have liked an option to change that background if we could.

What we could change, mercifully, was to mute the audio to kill the stunningly ghastly muzak SG Digital has cued up to soundtrack your play. Seriously, who likes this stuff? It’s certifiably terrible and we can’t imagine any player wanting this guff looping around while they’re focussing on their hand. What’s doubly irritating is that if you mute the music you lose the sound effects too, and those are a nice element to enhance the illusion of playing at a real-world table.

Moving onto the actual business of betting here, the user controls are well thought out and allow comfortable and easy play on mobile devices too, which is an increasingly important feature of any worthwhile online casino game.

Thereafter the execution of the gameplay is very nicely done, with fluid animation and proper perspective adding to the authenticity of the experience. Finally fans of side bets to increase the action they can go for each hand will be pleased to see the optional Trips side bet available, with an RTP that, at 96.5%, isn’t at all bad for a side bet.


Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a very enjoyable casino version of the tournament game, and SG Digital has packaged it all very nicely, with the notable exception of the audio element that we’ve noted above. That audio issue certainly isn’t a deal breaker, however a revision that fixed that – scrub the music, but keep the sound effects – would make this highly-engaging casino poker, an even more compelling experience in our opinion.

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