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Double Bonus Poker Video Poker Review

Double Bonus Poker Video Poker

The Game King series of Video Poker machines have been thoroughly road-tested in land-based casinos in the past decades, and their popularity with VP fans has naturally encouraged IGT (the original developer, now part of the mighty SG Digital group) to bring them to the online casino community too.

This Double Bonus variant of the classic Jacks or Better Video Poker format adds a little more volatility to play, trading off lower pays for lower ranking hands with extra payouts for selected four-of-a-kind hands, notably four Aces delivering a pay of 160x your stake.

The ‘full pay’ version of this variant was highly sought after in land-based casinos for the reason of its RTP of just over 100% for optimal play, however you’ll find this online version has the tweaked paytable that still can offer an RTP a shade over 99%, which is still highly attractive.

What’s less attractive, at least in our view, is the clunky, 90s video game presentation that has been maintained here. It admittedly creates the authentic experience of playing the Video Poker consoles that became such a hit in Vegas casinos, but is that really necessary? You might feel differently, but the sound and graphics are so basic it hurts.

These things were necessary given the limitations of early video gaming consoles but it just feels a bit churlish of IGT / SG not to give the Game King series a makeover to bring them into the 21st Century. Here’s an idea – why not offer an optional ‘classic mode’ for players wedded to the crappy old look, and something a bit more elegant and modern to attract new players to this market?


The core gameplay of Game King Double Bonus Poker offers a fantastic, fun challenge for players looking for strategic play rewarded by the most attractive RTPs of any casino game. It’s just a shame, as we’ve expressed above, that it’s presented in such a weak way. This is obviously a triumph of substance over style, and some might argue ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but this is a great game that could attract more players if it had a touch more pizazz to its presentation.

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