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Microgaming and Playtech are very dominant casino game developers in the online Blackjack world, but cast around a little and you soon find some very nice virtual tables from smaller rivals. One such company is Betsoft, and American Blackjack is its take on multi-hand Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Betsoft stick to the tried and tested presentation for the majority of online Blackjack games, with a very nice rendering of a real-world table featuring three player positions. Bet placement is with virtual chips and minimum and maximum table limits are set at £1 and £100 respectively. Six decks of standard playing cards is the source of all deals here, with a re-shuffle ahead of each and every game.

Following the usual Vegas Strip rules, American Blackjack’s Dealer Rule is to hit on soft 17, and the Dealer also peeks their hand for Blackjack as is the case in ‘American hole card’ variants. American Blackjack does modify the usual peek rule though, and in this game the Dealer only checks for Blackjack if they have an Ace up card and the Insurance side bet has been taken (of which more below). The other significant rules to note at this table are:

Splitting is possible on your initial hand, but only once to create a maximum of two hands per game. With split Aces, only one further card can be drawn to each Ace and in the event that hand count becomes ‘21’, that is not considered a Blackjack for the purposes of payouts and or ties against a Dealer Blackjack.

Doubling is allowed on any two-card count of (hard) 10 and 11 only. This means doubling down is possible on a split hand.

Insurance is allowed as an optional side bet if the Dealer’s upcard is an Ace, requiring a stake of half your original bet with the traditional payout of 2 to 1 if the Dealer’s subsequent peek reveals Blackjack.

Surrender is not allowed in American Blackjack.


Betsoft doesn’t formally advertise the house edge for its American Blackjack, but it is understood to be around 0.65% (RTP 99.45%) assuming perfect play. That’s a little less favourable than the similar style Vegas Strip Blackjack from Microgaming and Surrender Blackjack from Playtech, but only marginally so and it most certainly wouldn’t deter us from playing the game.

American Blackjack is an extremely pleasing way to play online Blackjack with a Vegas vibe. The presentation is very good indeed, and Betsoft has really delivered a look and feel that feels authentic, with clear user controls that make it a cinch to play your way. If your favourite casino has this game, we think it’s a very elegant choice if you’re looking to get a little slice of ‘Vegas’ table gaming into your online life.

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