Responsible Gambling

Key Points to remember:

There are NO ‘winning systems’.

Like all online gambling online casino play should be a fun thing to be doing, if it’s not stop playing.

Also never chase losses… that means don’t keep losing, take a break; online gambling should be viewed as a fun past time not a way of earning money.

Only bet with money that you can afford to lose.

Set yourself a budget and stick to it. This should include a cash-out target and time limit you are going to stay gambling.

Get Help – If you think you have a gambling problem seek help, visit one of the sites listed below.

Keep Gambling Fun

Online gambling is all about entertainment and knowing what it means to gamble responsibly.

Our advice to keep it fun:

Bet for fun, not to earn money.

Before you start gambling set a limit on how much time and real money you are going to spend. To help you do this most sites allow you to set your maximum deposit and time you spend playing; do this before you start to bet.

Only bet with money that you can afford to lose – real money play is REAL MONEY.

Don’t bet real money in the hope of winning back money you have lost.

Don’t let gambling take over your life – take up other hobbies and interests.

Don’t let gambling be your escape from stress or boredom.

Make sure you set up filters on your device to stop children accessing gambling websites.

You can Self Exclude yourself from your gambling site which will stop you being able to use their facilities for a set time.

There are many organisations that provide help and counselling to those with gambling issues. If you want any advice, have any questions on your concerns about gambling or if you are worried about the gambling of someone you know, please contact the appropriate organisation for your location:

UK Help

Be Gamble Aware
When The Fun Stops
NHS Gambling Addiction

Ireland Help

Problem Gambling Ireland

USA Help

National Center for Responsible Gaming
Trusted guide to mental, emotional & social health – Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling
Gambling and Problem Gambling in the United States

Canada Help

Problem Gambling Canada

Australia Help

Gambling – Department of Social Services, Australian Government
Gambling Help Online

South Africa Help

National Responsible Gambling Program
Problem Gambling Help SA

EU & International Help

Gamblers Anonymous