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Playtech is often a preferred supplier of casino software to many of the best online casinos, so it’s ensured it has created a number of online Blackjack games to cover lots of the variations that keen players demand. Blackjack Peek is its take on what are commonly called Vegas Strip rules Blackjack games, and builds its hands from a six-card deck.

The presentation of Blackjack Peek is first-class, offering you the option to play up to five ‘player positions’ per game. We also have to quickly mention the fun option to change the baize colour between green, blue, purple, dark green, gold, teal, cream, charcoal grey and red colours – not crucial, we know, but we rather liked having the choice! Anyway, returning to Blackjack Peek’s more important attributes, you’ll find Blackjack pays 3 to 2 and the Dealer rule is to stand on all 17s.

Blackjack Peek’s title obviously hints that this is an ‘American Hole Card’ game, so you can expect the Dealer to peek their hand if their upcard is either an Ace, picture card or ten. In the circumstances that the upcard is an Ace, the Dealer will only peek after you’ve made the decision to take the offered Insurance side bet or not (this is mentioned later). The other rules of Blackjack Peek that follow the Las Vegas Strip conventions are:

Splitting is allowed once per hand, and split Aces cannot be hit after receiving the one additional card to each of the split Aces. Any two-card split hand with a count of ‘21’ is not considered a Blackjack.

Doubling down is possible on any two-card hand, and this option is also extended to any split hand.

Insurance is automatically offered to the player whenever the Dealer’s upcard is an Ace. This side bet has a prescribed wager of half your original stake and will pay at 2 to 1 if the Dealer reveals Blackjack when they peek their hand.

Surrender is not possible at any point in play.

The advertised RTP for Blackjack Peek is 99.42%, so a house edge of 0.58% is the target for optimal play. That’s not a bad figure and consistent with the online Blackjack games from other companies that are based on the Las Vegas Strip Rules.


Overall Blackjack Peek is an extremely enjoyable, and slick online Blackjack game – OK, the dreadful ‘smooth jazz’ background music is irritating but it can be quickly muted to stop it ruining the otherwise excellent atmosphere.

The rules work especially well for players who like to split hands, since the Dealer’s peek can prevent some expensive hits when facing a Blackjack, so if that’s the way you like to maximise your potential winnings then you should definitely take a sneaky peek at this excellent Playtech Blackjack.

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