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One of the most innovative variations of Blackjack to arrive at both land-based and online casinos in recent years has been the intriguing Blackjack Switch. The brainchild of UK player Geoff Hall, the game was first debuted in 2000 and after some development was patented in 2009. Playtech took the game into the online domain where it’s quickly established a considerable fan base amongst players who relish a new challenge.

The essential magic of Blackjack Switch is hinted at in its name. For every game you play two hands, with an equal value stake placed against each. Once you’ve received your two hands you have the unique opportunity to switch the top cards between the hands. Think about that for a moment – if you received a deal of 10:5 and 6:10 (both weak counts of 15 and sixteen respectively) you can transform your prospects with a switch that creates hands of 10:10 (20) and 6:5 (11)! Cool huh?

The simple and ingenious ‘Switch’ rule creates an incredible advantage for the player, so naturally there are a few revisions to the traditional Blackjack rules to rebalance things a little. First Blackjack is paid at 1 to 1, rather than 3 to 2, and secondly a Dealer hand of 22 triggers a push bet rather than a win with the exception of a player holding Blackjack that was achieved without splitting or switching.

Other more conventional rules of Blackjack Switch are:

Splitting is possible to create a maximum of four hands. Switching is not possible on a split hand.

Doubling is possible on any two cards, including hands after a split. As with splitting you cannot use the switch option if you’ve made the choice to double down any hand.

Insurance is offered on each hand where the Dealer’s upcard is an Ace, paying 2 to 1 on this optional side bet if the Dealer subsequently reveals Blackjack on their turn.

Surrender is not offered on online Blackjack Switch.

One extra side bet option available on Blackjack Switch is its Super Match bet. This can be staked in addition to your main Blackjack bet, and pays out if the four cards initially dealt to your two hands include at least one Pair. Payouts for this side bet are shown on the table’s layout.


Blackjack Switch is a fascinating development of the traditional game, and when you find that its house edge is a fantastically low 0.13% (RTP 99.87%) for optimal play it makes it almost irresistible to swot up on its strategy and find an online casino that offers it.

We have no doubts; Blackjack Switch is one of our top three favourite online Blackjack games and if you’ve yet to discover its delights we strongly urge you to put that right soon! Once you’ve made the ‘switch’ you may never want to play traditional Blackjack again.

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