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Double Exposure Blackjack Review

Double Exposure Blackjack

The mighty Microgaming has brought many of the real world’s favourite Blackjack variations to online casino players, and Double Exposure Blackjack is another prime example of that worthy labour. This is a Blackjack game dealt from an eight-deck shoe of standard playing cards, with a subtle change to the traditional Blackjack deal that makes clear this game’s name. In each game of Double Exposure Blackjack, both the Dealer’s initial two cards are dealt face up – double exposure . . . geddit?

Knowing precisely what the Dealer’s holding creates one hell of an advantage for the player, so it’s unsurprising that there are a few rule changes to note which rebalance things for the house. First, Blackjack in Double Exposure games pays Evens (1 to 1) rather than the traditional 3 to 2. Secondly, the Dealer wins on all ties except Blackjack ties. These rules are shown on the layout to reinforce these crucial differences, however the other rules you should be aware of are:

Splits are allowed for any hand of two cards with the same denomination including Aces, for example a K, J or 7,7. Up to three splits are allowed per game to enable a maximum of four separate hands to be created in this way. Where Aces are split, each Ace can only receive one further card before it must automatically stand.

Doubling down is possible on any initial deal or two-card hand resulting from a split with a hard count of 9 to 11 inclusive.

Insurance side bets are not available on Double Exposure Blackjack.

For the obvious reason that the Dealer’s hand is fully revealed in this game, Surrender is not within its rules.

These rules combined with a Dealer Rule that hits soft 17s gives Blackjack Double Exposure an estimated house edge of 0.40% (RTP 99.60%) for optional play. That’s a pretty respectable target to play for and you will have to reconsider strategy from the standard basic blackjack strategy because of Double Exposure’s unique rules.


The Microgaming version of Double Exposure Blackjack has the usual high standard of presentation we’ve come to expect of this famous developer, and it’s very easy to get quickly immersed in a session at this virtual table.

Double Exposure is not for every online Blackjack player – knowing the Dealer’s hand creates a different dynamic that may or may not work for you – but if you’ve never tried this venerable variation we strongly recommend trying a few hands to see if you like its style.

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