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European Blackjack

European Blackjack is another popular online Blackjack variant created by Microgaming, and routinely found at the best online casinos that source their games from this famous gaming developer. Its look and feel will be very familiar if you’ve tried any of Microgaming’s online Blackjack games before, with a player’s point of view at the virtual table.

This version of Blackjack is very close in specification to Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack, with the player being able to play just the single (central) position although the layout shows a total of five player positions as if it were a real-world table. The game is dealt with two standard decks in the shoe, with a re-shuffle between each single game cycle. Blackjack pays at the traditional odds of 3 to 2 and the Dealer Rule is to stand on both hard and soft 17s.

Completing the core rules of European Blackjack:

Splits are possible where the player’s initial deal is of two cards of the same denomination, but you may only split once to create a total of two hands for the game.

Doubling down is also allowed on any initial hand count of 9 to 11 inclusive, excluding soft hands. If you take this option, only one further card will be dealt to the hand after which it must stand. Doubling down is also excluded as a player option if the initial hand had been split.

Insurance is offered as an optional side bet on any occasion that the Dealer’s upcard is an Ace. This side bet follows the traditional rule, that the stake must be half the original bet on the game, paying out at 2 to 1 if the Dealer reveals Blackjack on their turn.

Like Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack, this version does not include a Surrender option at any stage, and features table limits of a minimum £1 stake up to a maximum of £200 per hand.


Once again Microgaming can offer players a very satisfying online Blackjack game that is presented with all the right production values, including sound and animation that brings an authentic whiff of the true casino experience. The house edge is advertised as a very decent 0.40% for perfect play (RTP 99.60%).

However we have to say that, with this game’s rule set pretty much identical to Classic Blackjack, we’d be inclined to take advantage of the latter’s single deck format to get even better odds if it’s also available at your preferred online casino.

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