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Multiplayer Blackjack

Playing online Blackjack gets most players close to the essential buzz of playing this venerable casino table game at a real-world club. If your focus is on playing the cards well to win your bet, then the majority of online Blackjack games will meet those needs very well indeed.

However there is a social side to real-world Blackjack that can add something extra to the experience, and Playtech’s Multiplayer Blackjack aims to bring that something extra to the online table.

Multiplayer Blackjack is built on a foundation of classic Blackjack gaming, but this version allows up to five online players to ‘sit’ at the same table, recreating more closely the experience of playing in a real-world club. Everyone plays their own hand against the dealer, but this online Blackjack offers more interaction with real players and a little extra thrill of a time pressure to make your decisions.

When it’s your turn to play you have a fifteen second window to work your hand how you want otherwise it will automatically stand. That’s perfectly fair since (a) your fellow players could get a bit fed-up with your dithering holding up their turn or the next round of play, and (b) it does bring the buzz of honing your skills to think quickly and decisively like all good Blackjack players do.

The underlying rules of Playtech’s Multihand Blackjack follow its Blackjack Surrender game that we’ve also reviewed, so we’ll direct you to read that for more information on those specifics rather than repeat them here.


Multiplayer Blackjack is a good compromise between the solo experience of the majority of online Blackjack games and the much more sociable environment of the new wave of Live Dealer Blackjack games now being offered at the best online casinos.

Novice players might not like the pressure of playing their hand within the strict fifteen second ‘rule’ this online Blackjack imposes per player, but if you’re comfortable with good basic strategy for this game’s rules we think it creates a nice element that gets you that little bit closer to the authentic experience of playing Blackjack in a real-world casino.

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