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Vegas Strip Blackjack

Should your quest for Blackjack games have lead you to the famous gambling Mecca of Las Vegas, then it’s quite likely you’ve made friends with a Blackjack table that follows the rules of Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack. If your budget for Blackjack doesn’t extend to worldwide travel in pursuit of your hobby, then this certainly makes a great alternative since Microgaming are rather adept at creating online Blackjack games that capture an authentic feel of the ‘real deal’.

So what makes this online Blackjack variant a Vegas strip off the old block? Well it’s all down to the rule set, so aside from the common Blackjack rules this game shows on its layout – Blackjack paying 3 to 2, Dealer rule of ‘stand on all 17’ and Insurance paying 2 to 1 – this is where the Vegas vibe lives:

Dealer Peeks Hole Card – Described as an ‘American Hole Card’ games, this means the Dealer will peek their hand for Blackjack whenever they show an upcard value of 10 or Ace.

Splitting is possible on all two-card hands with two matching card values, so a hand of unmatched picture cards, or a ten and picture card may also be split. Up to three splits are possible, allowing a maximum of four hands to be created, however Aces can only be split once, and only one further card can be dealt to the hands created from two split Aces. Also a split hand of A,10 counts simply as ‘21’ not Blackjack.

Doubling down is allowed for any two-card hand, including those created following a split.

Insurance is available on the event of the Dealer’s upcard being an Ace. This side bet is offered ahead of the Dealer peeking their hole card, and is a fixed wager of half the player’s original bet that will pay out at 2 to 1 if the Dealer’s hand ultimately proves to be Blackjack.

Surrender is not an option under Vegas Strip Blackjack rules.

With these rules and a virtual shoe comprising four decks of standard playing cards (shuffled ahead of each and every game), Vegas Strip Blackjack is advertised as offering a house edge of 0.34% (99.66%) assuming optimal strategic play.


Vegas Strip Blackjack adds a little more freedom to split and double hands over more traditional and European-style Blackjack games, so if you like to take advantage of that option this online version should be right up your street. It certainly offers an attractively low house edge so if you’ve never tried this variant of online Blackjack before – it’s another game to explore if you’re looking to expand your skills in Blackjack generally, while enjoying an excellent online Blackjack game in the process.

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