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Casino holdem features one of poker’s most popular variants, Texas Hold‘em, in a fast-paced casino style!
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Casino Holdem Poker Review

Casino Holdem Poker

For a long time Caribbean Stud Poker was the most likely candidate to see as the ‘casino poker’ table offered at an online casino. With the huge rise of participation in traditional tournament pokers fuelling interest in variants such as Texas Hold’em, there are now a number of online casino pokers available that fuse the core gambit of those five-card games with the sole purpose of going head-to-head against the House. NetEnt’s contribution to that new wave is its Casino Hold’em Poker now under review here.

NetEnt has been in the online casino game for pretty much as long as online casinos have existed, so it’s little surprise that the presentation of Casino Hold’em Poker is first class. The look of the layout is classy, and the user interface is generally intuitive although we still would like to see a single, dedicated ‘Clear Bet’ button replacing the dummy chip that has to be selected then used to clear chips you’ve laid on the layout but now wish to remove.

What is a huge relief for us is that NetEnt has dropped having any ‘background’ music as a feature on this game. Huzzah! This has always been a bugbear of ours, and we’re delighted NetEnt seems to have cottoned on to the fact that the music used is invariably naff and best consigned to the digital bin.

Betting options include a side bet, for those that like a little extra action per hand, and there’s plenty of feedback from the interface to keep you in touch with progress during each cycle of play. The card deals are smooth, although we would have liked to see proper perspective used for the cards on the layout to just add that extra little detail to make us feel like we’re playing a real-world table. It’s a very small point though, and the overall experience is frankly a joy whether playing your hand on a desktop or mobile device.


Casino Hold’em Poker offers table game fans seeking a skillful challenge something a bit different to the usual choice of Blackjack at an online casino, and NetEnt has done a great job in the presentation of this game.

Learning good basic strategy will be crucial to getting the most from this casino poker table, but an attractively high RTP figure rewards those that fancy stretching themselves with something a little more cerebral during their online casino sessions. We like. We like it a lot.

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