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Playtech Casino Holdem Poker Review

Playtech Casino Holdem Poker

Casino poker games are less popular attractions at the best online casinos than the evergreen delights of Blackjack, but the popularity of tournament poker in recent years has clearly fostered a parallel interest in variants played ‘against the house’ rather than other players. Casino Hold ’Em is one such variant you’ll find at casinos that have Playtech on board, so let’s take a little look at whether it’s got the right ingredients to hold your interest.

The presentation of Casino Hold ‘Em is classic table game style, with a single seat position from which you make your bets and calls during play. It’s all rather inviting, other than our usual bugbear of background music that needs to be binned! Naturally that particular irritation can be swiftly dealt with in the game’s setting menu letting play continue with just the pleasing sound effects that do enhance the experience.

The game itself is hand-to-hand combat with the dealer, with an initial deal of two personal cards (both blind to the dealer position) and three community cards setting the scene for a strategic decision to either Call or Fold.

Calling doubles your Ante Bet, deals the final two community cards to the table and reveals the dealer’s personal pair before evaluating the best-ranking poker hand possible for the dealer and player. The dealer must hold a pair of 4s or better to qualify. The animation of the cards is pleasing, although the flat perspective of the dealt cards does rather bust the illusion of playing a real-world table in our opinion. We personally prefer true perspective, as if the cards were truly lying on the table, but it’s not exactly a deal-breaker.

For side bet aficionados there’s the AA bet to garnish the main gambit here. This is resolved after the initial deal of three community cards, and pays if the player’s achieved a hand-rank of A-A or better, with a Royal Flush netting the ultimate return of 100 times the side bet. The RTP figure for this AA side bet is 93.74%, so it’s not poor but we would personally give it a swerve if you’re looking for value-for-money.


Casino Hold ’Em is not only an entertaining way to enjoy some alterative table gaming to Blackjack, but can also yield a highly attractive long-term RTP of 99.18% to reward your commitment to thoughtful consideration of your cards.

The presentation could be a little more lifelike to enhance the illusion of playing a real-world table, however the game does play well and we became more engrossed the longer we played. If you’re already a fan of poker games, this should certainly be on your short-list of casino games to take for a test drive.

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