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Chartwell Games are one of the oldest online casino software developers and most likely one of the first to offer Java and Flash games. The company was launched in 1998 and through subsequent years it produced a limited number of slot games and a wider table game offer that powered several top European gambling brands, including Coral.

But sometimes around 2011, while on the verge of partnering up with Ho Gaming, the company was acquired by Amaya Gaming Group along with a number of other gaming companies. Thus, Chartwell’s games are now a part of a larger game portfolio from Amaya Gaming that also includes games from other game studios.

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Chartwell Games had produced around 5 Blackjack variants before it was merged with Amaya. Most of their games today are offered as just re-branded versions with the same rules and updated graphics under the Amaya brand, while some were completely left out. The following are the Chartwell games you can still find today:

Chartwell Games European Blackjack – One of the few that found its way in Amaya’s offer, this game follows the same European rules of dealer standing on soft 17, doubling after splitting, and no re-splitting aces.

However, in this version you can double on any 2 cards and re-split up to 3 hands. There is no hole card, so the dealer doesn’t peek for Blackjack and offer surrender, while the game is played with 6-decks for an approximate house edge of 0.52%.

Chartwell Games Lucky 7 Blackjack – This is the popular Vegas variant with the Lucky Lucky side bet and one that was directly ported, together with the rules, to Amaya’s platform. The Lucky 7 Blackjack is played with 8 decks and it’s a multi-hand game where you can play up to 3 hands at a time. The dealer stands on Soft 17, you can double down on any two cards and double after splitting, but you can only split once.

The side bet is made on your first two cards together with the dealer’s card forming a different three-card combination. The bottom payouts are for a 19, 20, and 21, while the highest payouts are for a suited hand of 6-7-8 and a suited 7-7-7. Payouts range from 2:1 to 200:1 for the best hand and the house edge is estimated to be around 0.49%.

Chartwell Games Single Deck Blackjack – A single-deck game with an option to play 3 hands at a time. The dealer stands on Soft 17 and there is a hole card in play, while the rules state you can double down only on hands of 9 to 11 and split pairs only one time. You can’t re-split aces or double after splitting, and there’s no surrender offered.

Chartwell Games Standard Blackjack – Or just Blackjack, this is an 8-deck variant that was one of the go-to choices with Chartwell players. Dealer stands on Soft 17 and there’s no surrender available, and you can double down on any 2 cards and after a split. However, the game is missing from Amaya’s current offer and might be hard to find today.


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