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Electracade Atlantic City Blackjack
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Electracade Review

Electracade is a UK company that was launched in 2004 out of Surry with a focus on online and virtual casino products. Around 2008 they were acquired by Orbis Technology Limited, the parent company of UK and Australian sportsbook and gaming software providers Open Bet, which opened their doors to a number of top brands like Will Hill, Virgin, and Paddy Power.

Electracade mostly focus on designing slots and specialty games, but their wide portfolio also includes card and table games. They make unique virtual casino games, some of which specifically cater to UK audiences, and they’ve even produced a number of games for other software developers.

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Electracade have a solid Blackjack offer that comes with modern designs and user-interfaces and covers a number of classic variants. However, don’t be surprised to see most of their games also listed as OpenBet Blackjack games across most casinos. Among the available options, you can find the following games:

Electracade Atlantic City Blackjack – Atlantic City rules as found across New Jersey casinos, this is a game where the dealer stands on all 17 and peeks for Blackjack on an Ace. The game is played with 8 decks and the rules state that you can re-split up to 3 hands, double on any 2 cards and after a split, as well as hit split aces, although you can’t re-split them. The house edge is approximately around 99.74%.

Electracade England Blackjack – Despite what the name suggests, this is not Pontoon but a single deck game with St. George’s Cross spread across the table and England’s coat of arms pasted on the cards. England Blackjack is a hole card game with insurance where the dealer stands on all 17s and you can play up to three hands at a time.

Electracade High-Roller Single Deck Blackjack – A high-roller game with fair rules that have the dealer stand on all 17s and allow you to split any hand once, except aces. You can double down on hands 9-11 and double after you split, and there’s no surrender, early or late. The bet limits go up to $100 per hand.

Electracade 3-Hand Euro High Roller Blackjack – A 5-deck game where you can play up to 3 hands and bet up to $500 at a time. The game didn’t use to have the “Euro” label which was added later after more European rules were adopted, while much of the design features and interface was kept as is.

Electracade 5 Hand Blackjack – If you need to play more than 3 hands at a time, the 5 Hand Blackjack offers faster gameplay with higher wagering limits of up to $100. The game follows American rules and has the dealer offer insurance after peeking for Blackjack on an Ace.

Electracade Super Fun 21 Blackjack – The popular Vegas game with the Super 21 side bet. The side bet is on different 21 combinations on your first two cards, the highest paying one being a suited Blackjack. The dealer hits on hard 17s and stands on soft 18s and you can double on any two cards. There’s also “rescue” and surrender available in the game.


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