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WMS Gaming Review

The clear majority of the significant players in online casino software entered the business with backgrounds in coding online software, rather than long-established reputations in providing real-world casino machines. One of the few exceptions is WMS Gaming, the online incarnation of the original Williams Manufacturing Company that started out entertaining the general public with its inventions back in 1943!

Started by one Harry Williams, the Williams name become synonymous with classic pinball machines of the 50s, 60s and 70s, with Williams creating many of the innovations seen in those classic arcade games, the ‘tilt’ mechanism being one that made certain players curse Williams’ name rather than celebrate it!

Inspired by the early success of Atari with its legendary Pong game in 1972, Williams made its first foray into computer games with its own derivative version, Paddle-Ball, but will probably be remembered most fondly by gamers of a certain age for its monster hit, Defender, which blew our own tiny minds way back in 1980.

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But what of slot machines, that are now the mainstay of WMS Gaming today? Well, interestingly it was only until 1994 that WMS (as it was now trading) dipped its toe into reel-based arcade games – a move prompted by the decline in popularity of pinball games – and its expertise in video gaming earned in the previous decade proved invaluable to its success in innovating the industry with video slots that made rival electro-mechanical games look like they were from the stone age. Such was WMS’s success in this sector that by 1999 it had changed its business to focus exclusively on building casino gaming machines.

Another facet of modern slots gaming that WMS can claim some credit for is the popularity of themed online slots that use established brands and pop culture characters to enliven the graphical content of the reels and add narrative features to bonus games.

If you love Monopoly slots, its WMS you have to thank and its also been behind a slew of hit TV and Movie themed slots too, from The Wizard of Oz slot to the Lord of the Rings.

Curiously for such an innovator in popular gaming, its surprising to find that WMS only came to the online slots party in 2010. However with its established catalogue of hit slots it could simply port to the online space, it’s little surprise that it had no problem taking its place amongst the top table of online slots software suppliers.

Following a merger with the similarly mighty Scientific Gaming in 2013, WMS continues to develop its online slots and land-based business keeping a huge community of slot players very happy indeed.


In recent years – and in our opinion – WMS Gaming has probably not shown quite the same level of innovation as it did in previous decades, however it remains a real (or should that be reel?) force to be reckoned with in the industry and we look forward to seeing what future online slots this famous name will be releasing for the delectation of players.

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