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Take your place at the table for Let It Ride Poker, one of the most popular table games of all time!
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Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a five-card casino poker that was originally invented by the founder of U.S. gaming company Shufflemaster in the 1990s as a tool to promote the use of its shuffling machine. Shufflemaster, like many big names in the U.S. casino game industry, is now part of the vast SG Digital corporation and Let It Ride now exists in a virtual version to tempt table game fans into play at some of the best online casinos.

In common with other casino poker variants developed by SG Digital, all the action in Let It Ride takes place on a bright blue baize layout. The jury’s out with us as to whether it’s a bit garish, but the general presentation is neat and attractive with good user controls to handle the crucial matter of staking your preferred bets.

Where our jury is unanimous in its opinion is to the criminal record that is looped as background music when you begin play. Stop this madness SG! The music is terrible, adds nothing to enhance the experience and muting it also kills the sound effects that do add a subtle extra level of authenticity to play. We’ve moaned about this enough in other reviews, so we’ll move on to better things . . .

The quality of the actual gameplay once betting is complete is very nice indeed, with lovely use of animation and proper perspective making for a very convincing simulacrum of the true experience of playing Let It Ride at a real-world table. It should also be noted that SG Digital has also built this game with a clear understanding that elegant play on mobile devices is crucial these days, and this casino poker is very easy to play in a portable style!


Apart from our oft-repeated whinge about dreadful background muzak marring the presentation of online table games such as Let It Ride, there’s a lot to like about this game. However there is an elephant in the room . . . Let It Ride is undoubtedly a cool concept that involves a neat dash of strategy to challenge keen players.

But with an RTP of 96.49% assuming optimal strategy it’s hard to recommend against alternatives like Video Poker or Casino Hold’em if you’re looking for your skill to be rewarded. That criticism is brought into even sharper relief when the majority of online slots now get close to, or best, that RTP figure without needing any skill from the player to achieve that goal. You have been warned!

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