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One of the newest and most intriguing ways to fund your fun at the best online casinos is by using Bitcoins. There’s been an awful lot of press – and a healthy dose of misinformation – about Bitcoins in the past, but this ‘digital currency’, which is as much an invention borne of the Internet as the World Wide Web itself, has matured into an increasingly popular way to pay for things. We’re seeing more and more online casinos include Bitcoin amongst their payment options, and it’s a trend we can see gaining even more traction in the years to come; Bitcoin Cryptocurrency casinos.

At its heart, a Bitcoin is simply another currency that you can exchange for another – a little like buying holiday money with your own native currency so you can buy stuff with cash when you’re abroad. Perhaps the simplest route to getting hold of Bitcoins for the average consumer is to seek out one of the many reputable online Bitcoin Exchanges (a bit like a Bureau de Change using the travel money analogy from earlier) and buy as much Bitcoin currency as you want. One of the easiest and fastest exchanges to use is Indacoin.

Once you’ve purchased some Bitcoins, they can be loaded onto any number of freely available ‘Bitcoin Wallets’, that are apps that allow you to securely transact like you would with an e-Wallet service like PayPal or Skrill. Payments by Bitcoin are direct between you and the online casino, so the perceived advantages are that Bitcoin transactions are very quick and avoid any processing fees that might be charged by a third party service. Another potential advantage of using Bitcoin is the privacy it can offer. If you don’t want your gaming transactions to be be recorded through your bank, using Bitcoin can allow you to enjoy real-money gaming at an online casino that accepts the currency as if you were playing with cash.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin? Well, since Bitcoin transactions are technically direct between you and the casino they are very quick to process and don’t attract any processing fees.

They also are analogous to playing with cash, so can offer players an extra bit of privacy in that you can keep your transactions with your favourite online casino(s) invisible on your bank statements. Not that we endorse ‘hiding’ your love of online Blackjack in this way, but you may have practical reasons why this might be a desirable thing to consider.


Bitcoins certainly offer an intriguing new way to enjoy playing online Blackjack for real money and although we doubt this payment method will usurp the popularity of using credit and debit cards to play online casinos anytime soon, it’s definitely finding increasing favour with players and operators alike. Who knows? Maybe in ten years time playing with anything else will seem like bartering with animal skins!

We doubt Bitcoin will usurp the popularity of debit / credit cards amongst players to manage online casino accounts for the time being, but it offers another interesting payment alternative for those players who would like one. As to its future, who knows? In the same way that the Web and search engines like Google have transformed the way we live today, Bitcoin could become the currency we all use in the future. Perhaps in ten years from now playing with anything but Bitcoins at your favourite online casino will seem seriously old-fashioned!

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