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Debit and Credit Cards Review

Credit and debit cards have pretty much become the default tools for most consumer spending today, particularly with the huge increase in online shopping for goods and services in recent years. Their convenience and generally decent security, if used with due care, make them methods of transacting most of us are comfortable with using on a daily basis. As such, they also make a natural choice for players to manage their accounts with the best online casinos – register the details of an accepted card at your casino of choice and you can start dropping some cash on your favourite online slots pretty much instantly.

The differences between a debit card and credit card are reasonably well known, but it doesn’t hurt to quickly explain the distinction here; debit cards are linked directly to a bank account of some description and when money’s spent on them it’s extracted from that account in short order. They only allow you to spend what’s available in your account to spend. A credit card acts a little like an instant loan; all the spending done with the card during a month is added up and the cardholder must pay back a fixed percentage of that total at the end of the month. Pay it all off, and no interest is due, but if you leave money owing interest is charged on that until it is paid off. Whilst all credit cards (bar an exceptional few held by the very rich) have a limit to what can be spent on them, like a loan they do allow you to access funds over and above what you actually have at any given time.

So, if you’re happy to use either a credit or debit card to fund your fun playing online slots, which should you use? Well two issues are probably central to that decision. First, to get maximum enjoyment out of playing slots online you should never spend more than you can genuinely afford on your entertainment.

Debit Card Casinos
– these are linked directly to a bank account of some form, and so when purchases are made using them, that money is paid out of the bank account relatively shortly afterwards. In this way, a debit card will only let you spend funds you actually have cleared in the linked bank account.

Credit Card Casinos
A credit card does have the potential to allow an incautious player to deposit (and spend) more than they have, and borrowing money to gamble is a seriously bad idea! If you have any doubt that you can stick to a fixed ‘bankroll’ that you set as affordable (and affordable means you won’t panic if you’ve spent it), using a debit card might be the better option to stop temptation leading you astray.

To be honest, the best online casinos are pretty unlikely to come to grief, but it is an extra level of protection that is nice to have if you can afford to meet the £100 threshold.


The only potential weakness credit and debit cards have over some rival payment methods is the processing time taken for withdrawals (typically between one and five days) and some online casinos (although not many of the ‘big names’) do charge withdrawal fees.

If either of these is a deal-breaker for you, the e-wallet services of NETeller, Skrill or PayPal may be a better way to access the real-money slot gaming you’re after.

UK casinos do not accept credit cards.

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