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Felt Gaming’s Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker works exceptionally well on mobile devices
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Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Review

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

Felt Gaming has been one of the few online casino developers in recent years that have focused exclusively on table games rather than the ubiquitous trend of churning out slots. It initially made its name with a good range of Blackjack games with side bet variations, but now it’s expanded its scope with a range of casino poker titles, including Texas Hold’em Bonus under review here.

Aside from its clear focus on table games, Felt Gaming has always pursued presentation that is both very modern and tailor-made for gaming on mobile devices. This has proven pretty astute, and gives its games a very attractive and highly functional look. We like it a lot, and the company earns extra brownie points from us for not having any cheesy background music to accompany your play!

With regard to the game itself, this is a very nice adaptation of the tournament-style Hold’em poker games to a casino format played against the dealer. In this version the player has three betting opportunities beyond the Ante bet that is compulsory before any cards are dealt. These are to raise that Ante bet post the flop (i.e. after the initial deal of personal cards and the three community cards) or fold if the state of play is strategically weak, and thereafter check or call on the Turn and River cards.

The dealer in this casino poker does not need to qualify with a minimum hand so traditional Hold’em strategy as to the relative strength of a position can be employed here, albeit without any of the bluffing that is also in play in tournament pokers.

In common with other casino pokers, and hinted at in its title, there is also a Bonus side bet that can optionally be played every game cycle too. This pays if the player makes a minimum ranking hand of three-of-a-kind and is not affected by the choices of the player made in the main game, so can land a result even if the main bet doesn’t. What also could tempt you into this side bet is the presence of a progressive jackpot that drops should you turn up a Royal Flush, but do note that the overall RTP for this side bet isn’t that generous.


There can be no doubt that if you always turn to your mobile devices to deliver your gaming entertainment then Felt Gaming’s Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker works exceptionally well on that tech. It doesn’t seek to faithfully recreate the look of playing from the point-of-view of a player sat at a real-world table, but makes that a strength to deliver a very satisfying experience.

Perhaps the only negative we’d raise of this game is its RTP. At 97.96% for good strategic play it’s a little bit lower than some rival casino pokers, and can’t compete with the 99.5% RTP potential of many online Blackjack games. If that is no big deal for you – and RTP isn’t everything when it comes to good casino entertainment – then this is a very engaging table game that offers something compellingly different for fans of betting on cards.

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